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Join the Network of Party Pros
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Want to offer a party design like “Alice In Wonderland” or “Animal Safari”, but you don’t have all of the props?  Search on ParTAG for props offered by other creative designers.  Members work together and support one another!

"Why ParTAG?"

Reach a Wider Audience

You’re on The Knot, Instagram, Yelp and featured on blogs.  The more places you’re listed, the more potential clients you can reach.  ParTAG is the only place where people are actively searching for rentals that you carry….they are looking for you!  So why aren’t you listed on ParTAG?

Ecommerce Puts Customers First

90% of Americans shop online.  Online reservations are a MUST HAVE according to DIY Party Planners and Millenials.  When customized reservation systems cost thousands of dollars on top of website development fees, small businesses turn to ParTAG.

Stay Fully Booked

When inventory goes unbooked, that costs you in warehousing and other fixed expenses.  Stop losing money!  Offering idle inventory on ParTAG increases your chances of staying fully booked.

Increase Revenue

It’s true:  one good things leads to another.  Posting party rentals on ParTAG AUTOMATICALLY and NATURALLY leads to increased revenue (through rental sales) and increased bookings, through brand awareness and repeat business.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

And make REAL connections with REAL clients?

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Let's Review


Yep!  It’s free for you to list your rentals, reach customers, and grow brand awareness through ParTAG’s hundreds of daily searches.  It’s FREE to take advantage of ParTAG’s advertising dollars spent on Google search ads and social media ads, all bringing party planner traffic to the ParTAG marketplace and to YOU!


You only pay when all of our efforts means revenue for YOU!  If ParTAG has been successful in connecting a customer to you, and you complete a rental transaction through the app, ParTAG collects a small commission fee (20% 12%).  Credit Card processing by Stripe charges 3%.


You love taking calls to help customers figure out their party design, but sometimes clients know exactly what they want.  If what they want is your throne or dessert table, let them reserve it INSTANTLY, without having to call or email you.   This works especially well during off hours, when you’re done with your day, but DIY party planners are just getting started. 

Watch this video where ParTAG deep links in social media posts turns “likes” into reservations!


ParTAG spends thousands in advertising dollars for Google Search Ads, banners on web and mobile retailer sites, and on social media.  We often feature individual items, event planners, and rental businesses to highlight their achievements and expertise.  We write articles and constantly tune our website to optimize search engine hits to our marketplace.   Our goal is to bring eyes to your inventory and get you booked!


ParTAG protects you and your rentals every step of the way, with:

– Customer Profile Ratings

– Rental Agreement

– Customer Payment Method Security if late fees, damages, or loss charges are required

– Credit Card Fraud Protection

– Damage Waivers for Customer Liability

– Customer Account Monitoring

ParTAG recommends securing insurance for you and your items before renting out on ParTAG.

"You want details?


Upload Your Rentals

1. Sign up for an account. Post an item by providing a live or gallery image, a description, and rental pricing. Now customers can find it in the ParTAG Marketplace. It's FREE to sign up and FREE to post/advertise rentals. ParTAG v3.0 will interface with interface with many common rental inventory software such as Infinity.

Watch this tutorial on how to post rentals to the marketplace

Get a Reservation Request

2. When a party planner wants your rental package, she'll select it from the ParTAG Marketplace and you will receive a reservation request in your app Notification Inbox and also by email. You may accept or decline the request based on the actual availability of the rental, the customer's profile rating, or your own criteria. The customer has submitted a credit card to hold the reservation. If he cancels within 24 hours, he is automatically charged a 20% cancellation fee.

Deliver the Rental Package

3. On the start day/time for the reservation, deliver the rental package (or have it be picked up) and complete the rental contract through the app. The customer is charged the full rental fee and a 20% deposit. His credit card is kept on file by Stripe in case of late fees, damages, or loss. In order to receive funds directly to your bank account, you'll need to sign up for a Stripe account, which you'll link to ParTAG. ParTAG receives a 12% commission for connecting you to this renter/revenue. Stripe charges 3% to process the credit card and provide fraud protection.

Close Out

4. Pick up the rentals or require they be delivered back to you. Close out the rental through the ParTAG app by agreeing to the final costs to the customer. You have a chance to add charges such as a cleaning fee, delivery fee, late fee, damages, or claim a loss. The customer's form of payment is charged and the rental is completed. You may rate/review your experience with the customer, which keeps everyone on his best behavior.

Love Tech?

Order our ParTAG NFC Stickers for Android.  They make processing rentals faster by allowing you to tap the sticker to start rental transactions.

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