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Mission: FUN!


At ParTAG, we don’t want price or access to goods to limit people’s pursuit of fun.  We want your dream party or dream project or dream excursion to be a reality.  Why can’t we all have a popcorn machine or a cotton candy machine at our child’s birthday party?  Or an underwater GoPro for a snorkeling trip?  

Let’s face it, a lot of this stuff is expensive to buy only to use once or twice.  Renting can also be costly and can feel like a hassle.  Or sometimes you live in an area where you can’t find a business that rents these things out.  So, we made ParTAG, a marketplace for finding rentable goods.  By renting from a neighbor, or a local business, your choices should be broader and more convenient, and the prices should be lower.  Local members can deliver the goods straight to your door and even give you helpful tips.  


Underlying this desire of FUN FOR ALL is the hope for less consumption and more connectedness in our communities.  If we’re renting instead of buying, we’re probably throwing less waste into landfills.  We also built in a totally free feature within ParTAG that allows people to share things without fees, to find what you need, and keep track.  It’s just a little hug back to our communities.  And for each item you rent on ParTAG, an angel gets its wings  ;p.  No, not really.  But wouldn’t that be nice?  

Our Company

ParTAG, Inc. is an independent, privately held corporation, headquartered in Redwood City, CA.  



PO Box 610058

Redwood City, CA 94061



For partnering, developer, or investor inquiries, please contact us at info@partag.net. 


For technical support for the ParTAG app or ParTAG Stickers, please contact us at info@partag.net.