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User Guidelines

Renting and sharing tangible goods with friends and neighbors requires a social contract of respect for the goods borrowed and mutual respect between the parties involved.  When all goes well in a transaction, we feel encouraged to rent and share more often and share more of what we have.    


Let’s do all that we can to preserve trust and create win-win situations for renters, rentees, borrowers, and lenders.  In addition to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, all users of ParTAG, must comply with the following Guidelines.      



For users who rent or borrow goods:


  • Take good care of what you borrow and return the item in the same condition in which you received it.  Follow any instructions you received from the item’s owner, like “Please lift the table when moving it.  Please don’t drag it.”

  • Use the item in the manner in which it was intended to be used.  For example, don’t use rented chairs as ladders or step stools, or don’t put anything other than popcorn into a popcorn machine, and so on.

  • Do not let anyone other than yourself or your representative use the rented item, especially children.  You are most likely to take the best care of it.    

  • Do not make any alterations or modifications to goods without the expressed written consent of the lender.  

  • Do not attempt to clean, refinish or touch-up any goods without first consulting with the lender, unless directed to do so by the lender.  If you think you may have damaged the borrowed goods, contact the lender immediately, so the lender can direct you on how to proceed.

  • Return rented or borrowed items on time.  Being late causes undue stress for the item’s owner and puts your membership status at risk.  If you rented them item and are returning it late, the Owner may decide to charge you a late fee.  If you think you might be delayed, contact the lender immediately and explain your situation. 

  • If you experience an issue with your rented item, contact the Owner immediately to resolve the issue.



For users who rent out or lend out goods:


  • You may only rent out or lend out goods that you own or goods that you are authorized to lend out.

  • The ParTAG Platform is intended to connect those seeking to rent or borrow small tangible goods.  The Terms of Use contains an exhaustive list of items not rentable through ParTAG.  Some of them include: venues, homes, apartments, vehicles, motorized watercraft, services, people, animals, illegal substances or items, and weapons.  If you post such items for rent, your membership will be swiftly revoked.

  • Be truthful in your description and photos of your goods, of their quality and functionality.  Do not misrepresent the items or provide false claims.

  • At the start of your Rental Period, or within the public Description of your Item, You must supply a list of all possible charges the Renter may incur, such as set-up, cleaning, or delivery fees.  If you did not give the Renter prior warning of such fees additional to the Rental Fee, you may not charge the Renter these amounts.
  • Keep your rentables in good working order, free from defects that may harm users.  Safety should be your number one priority.  ParTAG recommends securing an insurance policy for yourself and your goods before renting out on ParTAG.

  • Don’t  rent or lend out anything that is irreplaceable.  If you are renting out or lending out high-value goods, be sure to have the items covered by an appropriate insurance policy.  Talk to your insurance provider for the right policy that meets your needs. 

  • Be prepared for items to return to you with a reasonable amount of wear and tear from handling, transport, or from appropriate use.  If you think damages incurred on the item are inappropriately great or from inappropriate use, and you’ve rented out the item through the ParTAG reservation process, follow the Rental Close Out process through the app and determine any damage costs for the Renter to approve before ending the rental transaction.  

  • Whether you have selected to deliver your item or have your item picked up, meet the renter or borrower on time.  Being late puts undue stress on the renter, especially if the item is for a special occassion or party.  Being late puts your membership status at risk and may result in an unfavorable rating, which may influence future rentals.   


For all users:


  • Be careful when renting, borrowing from or lending to someone you do not know.  While ParTAG endeavors to create a safe environment, like all social media, users must be mindful of who you decide to interact with and where.

  • Users may only have one ParTAG account registration.  

  • You must be aged 18 or older to use ParTAG.  

  • To the extent ParTAG provides a social network which allows members to locate other members who have items to borrow or rent, members may not use the social network to harm, threaten, bully, harass, track, convey hateful remarks of any kind, or infringe on any third party’s privacy or rights.   


If you have any comments or questions about our Guidelines, please contact us at info@partag.net, and we will be happy to assist you.