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Wedding and Party Trends 2019

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Party trends to look for in 2019

For those planning a major party in 2019, you may be thinking about how to ‘wow’ your guests with the latest trends in decorations and food.  Many of us want our parties to be a unique, beautiful, and fun experience for our guests.

How much are we talkin’ about?

As a result, the average cost of a wedding in 2017 was around $34,000 (1).  This is a 70% increase in spending compared to the year 2000 when the average wedding bill was $20,000 (2).  

Spending thousands of dollars on a celebration is not just reserved for weddings and 50th anniversary parties either.  We have raised the stakes for babyshowers and gender-reveals, birthdays, anniversary parties, sweet sixteens, and quinceaneras, too.  

Why Should We Be Trendy?

According to event planners, the sure-fire way to create a memorable evening is to include the NEWEST in trendy décor and trendy party elements.  When guests have seen similar designs many times before, the ‘wow’ factor fades. 

ParTAG scoured party trend reports from across the globe to come up with these four hottest party trends for 2019, according to Shefinds, Weddingforward, Pinterest, Mindy Weis and Marcy Blum, and the


Useful Party Favors

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Party favors for weddings have traditionally been approached as trinkets and ceramics with pictures and engravings to reflect the couple’s love.  Party planning gurus Mindy Weis and Marcy Blum suggest shifting the focus to giving a useful item, like a coffee gift card or a tasty snack (3).

These practical favors don’t have to be dry and devoid of romance.  The coffee shop gift card can be from the shop or chain at which the couple met.  The tasty snack can be chocolate molded with the couple’s initials. What better way for guests to end an evening dedicated to you than by enjoying delicious engraved chocolates or by recharging the next morning with locally made artisan coffee?

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“Let Them <NOT> Eat Cake!”

2019 is the year to say goodbye to cake by choosing distinctive alternatives.

Cakes are delicious and can be large, substantial, decorative pieces that make a statement of wealth. But the downside is that for a party emphasizing fun and uniqueness, cakes are anything but.

With everyone waiting around for a slice, guests concerned about calories, or just the thought of “cake” evokes a “no” in many minds, couples should opt for offering desserts that are bite sized but large on personality.

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 For 2019, experts agree that couples will choose small, creative desserts (4).  

If cupcakes seem outdated and over-done, consider churros or bite-sized freshly-made pretzels.  Couples can bring in food trucks, like one that serves cups of their favorite small-batch ice-cream, in flavors like salted caramel, bergamot, or southern sweet tea.  

Whatever you choose, cake or not, consider how the main dessert fits with the level of formality of the event. And of course, it’s got to be delicious!

Love Heavy Metal?


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 A continuing trend in wedding décor is the inclusion of metallic accents, especially in gold tones, including rust and rose gold (5).  

According to Wedding Forward, metallic accents can be accomplished at every décor option. With that in mind, be sure not to overdo the look.  

Opt for simple accessories in rose gold metallic, like a ribbon sash on chair covers, as opposed to a full chair cover in metallic.

Rose gold centerpiece vases, candle holders, and flatware can make a table setting pop.  Rose gold plates on rose gold shimmery linens would be way too much. Be cautious and sparing.

Here Comes the Bride! All Dressed in <Color>!


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Martha Stewart and websites like Wedding Forward (6) suggest replacing white wedding dresses with colored wedding dresses, or adding color to the dress with flower designs, sashes, or embroidery.


Why White?

White became a popular option in western cultures in 1840, after the marriage of Queen Victoria to Albert of Saxe-Coburg, when Victoria wore a white gown trimmed lace. Illustrations of the wedding were widely published, and many brides opted for white after that (7).

White wedding dresses have their advantages, which may explain why the trend has lasted so long.  With traditions and polite conventions prohibiting wedding guests from wearing white, the bride is assured to stand out and be the center of attention as the only one in that color.  White in full length is a bold color that reflects light, draws the eye, and is in sharp contrast to a groom in black, gray, or navy.

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Why Color?

Colored or colorful wedding dresses also have advantages.  

Light and dark tones placed smartly on a dress can create flattering illusions to the bride’s figure, as opposed to a large swath of white or ivory.  While traditional white wedding dresses can only rely on cut, fabric texture, and length to elongate the body, the inclusion of color offers more opportunities for enhancing the bride’s appearance.


In today’s open-minded climate, modern love deserves a modern wedding and a modern dress.  A colorful dress speaks volumes about the uniqueness of the day, the couple, and their love.


The Wedding Wire also has a great article on 2019 Trends that are ParTAG approved!


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For more expert advice on wedding planning, consult with SHEFINDS, Wedding Forward, Pinterest, Mindy Weis, Marcy Blum, and The Knot.




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